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How many toys can I borrow?

Each member family can loan out 6 toys at a time - though you can always borrow less.

Why can't I renew my toys?

Some of our very popular toys have limits on how long they can be out on loan. We want all our families to enjoy them, and so we encourage members to return them to circulation.

What do I do if I can't return toys on time?

Just let us know! A quick email or message and the committee will make note of it. We don't charge any late fees at the moment.

Can I loan from one branch and return at the other?

Yes, we want members to have the flexibility of visiting Coolbellup or Atwell, whichever is convenient for you. Some very large toys may not be able to be stored at Atwell, so please check this when borrowing.

My membership has expired, how do I renew?

You would have received an automated email from us with banking details to make payment to. Or if you prefer, when you visit you can use our Square Reader to pay by card.

I can't volunteer anymore, can I change to non active?

We value our member volunteers as without you we just cannot run sessions, but we understand sometimes things don’t go as we expect and your availability can change. This table shows the nominal fee that would apply, depending on the number of volunteering duties outstanding. Just send us an email.

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