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The Toy Scoop [May 2023]

New Financial Year, New Membership Fees

We have tried to delay it for as long as possible, but to keep up with the growing needs of our toy library, we will need to update our membership fees starting from 1 July 2023. To coincide with this, we would like to introduce a new type of membership, Active Plus! This membership is for families who have the ability to commit some more time to the toy library, but don't necessarily want to be on the committee. It is the most cost effective membership type, at $45.00 for 12 months of membership, in turn you would complete 10 roster duties over the course of the year. A breakdown of the new fees can be found below:

From now until 1 July 2023, you can renew your membership under the current fee structure, even if your membership is not due yet! We will apply the payment as a credit on your membership profile and you will be all set ahead of time. After this date, the new fee structure will apply. You are always able to discuss with us if you would like to change your member type.

Do you know where these mythical creatures are?

We are on the hunt for a playset that has gone missing!

Have you seen these fairies or unicorns frolicking in your home?

These are Schleich fantasy figurines, which are a very high quality and much loved toy in our collection. If you facilitate the safe return of our fairy and unicorn figures, there will be no questions asked!!

It can often happen that toys are not recorded properly when they are loaned out and it is so easy for items to get mixed in with your home toys.

We are always overjoyed to see missing pieces and toys make their way back to the toy library.

Containers for Change

Cockburn Toy Library has signed up for a fundraising team with the Containers for Change project. Bring your plastic bottles to the toy library, and we will take them to a recycling depot.

Let your waste become a donation to Cockburn Toy Library!

Alternatively, you can use our Member Number or the QR code here to donate to us when you are at a recycling facility with your family.

We appreciate any and every contribution 😁

Join the Committee

Many hands make light work!

While our committee likes to think they have eight arms like our friend Octoplay, they are all busy parents and your toy library could do with some extra pairs of hands and fresh faces. We are currently looking for new committee members to take on the roles of Roster Coordinator, Treasurer and Fundraising Officer.

We are also looking for more General Committee Members with interests in website design and management, fundraising, grant writing and much much more!

If you are keen to get more involved in the running of Cockburn Toy Library get in touch with us at

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